Love and Justice: A Serious Sailor Moon Podcast

Sailor Stars Episodes 1 & 2, AKA Oh Right, the Outer Senshi WERE in the Dream Arc

June 7, 2017

We're back!! And we're cutting through all the fat and getting right into what many (many being we) consider to be some of the best episodes every churned out by the 90s anime - episodes 1 & 2 of Sailor Stars, AKA episodes 167 & 168 overall, AKA "oh crap, we forgot to put the Outer Senshi in Sailor Moon S. We finally solve the mystery of babies in clown pajamas, theorize that Uranus and Neptune have, in fact, just been hanging in this aquarium for the past year and are confused as to why litrally NO ONE is alarmed that Sailor Pluto, who was last seen dying in an exploding helicopter is suddenly alive again.

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