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Musical Moondays: Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, or Why are there Men on Stage?

September 12, 2016

Love and Justice strikes again with another Musical Moonday!! This time it's the very Sera Myu, Sera Myu: Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, and we're happy to report it's WAY better than that Dracula Musical.  First of all, it's only about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Secondly, characters actually exit the stage.  Thirdly, it contains pretty much the closest thing we'll ever get to the deadly Shitennou/Inner Senshi showdown of Emma's dreams.  Unfortunately Luna and Artemis are in it, played by adults in uncomfortably sexy-but-mostly-bizarre cat costumes, and the size of the Shitennou's epaulettes in a Silver Millennium flashback are actually offensive.

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