Love and Justice: A Serious Sailor Moon Podcast

Episode 38: Lesbians Ever After

June 27, 2016

It's the Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 finale!! This week we're covering act 38/episode 39 of Crystal, most of act 38 of the manga, and episodes 125 through 127 of the 90s anime, but mostly episode 126, which focuses on a very a confusing, seemingly unwarranted showdown between Moon, Uranus, and Neptune. It also contains a redemption storyline for Professor Tomoe in which, not only does he live, but he conveniently has amnesia, thus enabling him to live out a happy life with reborn baby Hotaru, with no memory of all the horrible things he did to her and all of mankind whilst possessed by Germatoid.  Until Sailor Pluto shows up and takes Hotaru away two seasons from now. #Spoilers.

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